What is MCT oil?

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What is MCT oil?

MCT oil is the abbreviation of medium-chain triglycerides. It is called " medium-chain triglycerides " in Chinese. In short, it is called medium-chain fat . It is called medium-chain. Both long-chain and short-chain fats.


Where did MCT oil come from?

Our MCT oil is fractionated by physical distillation. Simply put, by controlling the temperature, we can only extract the medium-chain fat we want. There is no need to add any compounds during the process, and there is no problem of drug residue .


What are the benefits of MCT oil?


It is metabolized in a very special way in the human body:

The general metabolism of fat in the human body is:

Eat it → go through a series of digestion after reaching the stomach → become chylus and enter the lymphatic circulation → reach the hepatic portal vein and be used by the human body. It takes about 2 hours for a long absorption and conversion time.

The metabolism of MCT oil in the human body is:

Eat it → absorb directly after reaching the stomach → reach the hepatic portal vein and be used by the human body. According to the literature, this process is about 1/10 of the long chain time, which is about 10 minutes.


This property of MCT oil has 2 benefits for us:

1. Quickly absorbed and used, we will have a good sense of satiety in a short period of time and will not eat too much.

2. It is not easy to hoard in the body and cause a burden.


How to eat MCT oil?

MCT oil is colorless and odorless, and one of the characteristics of medium-chain fats is that its texture is relatively non-greasy, and it is a little waterier than ordinary vegetable oil. In addition to being unable to heat and cook, MCT oil has a very wide range of consumption; it can be eaten directly Drizzle over cooked vegetables and meat; add to dumplings and hot pot dipping sauce; add to sugar-free drinks and stir evenly...etc.


It is more important to note that eating MCT oil is the concept of "replacement" . If we eat MCT oil for that meal, the amount of other oils will be reduced so that there will be no adverse effects.