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Keto coffee with C8 MCT trial sample pack

TWD $633

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Product details

Keto coffee with C8 MCT

Trial sample pack = US $65


1. 4 boxes of 3 flavors of keto coffee/macha/ chocolate (7 packs per box)

2. Shipping fee


1. Use market-leading C8 MCT+grass-fed cream

2. No added sucrose or glucose that will make us feel tired

3. High quality freeze-dried coffee

How to drink bulletproof coffee?

A cup of real bulletproof coffee must contain a lot of fat. It is recommended not to drink all of a cup of coffee in one gulp, but to drink slowly, take small sips, and drink for a long time. In the early stage, you will not feel stomach discomfort due to eating too much fat at once At first, friends who feel that they have not eaten solids and feel that their stomachs are still growling can eat boiled eggs, tea eggs or steamed eggs. Eggs are also very low in carbohydrates, which will not affect the bulletproof effect.

Keto coffee with C8 MCTKeto coffee benefits

bulletproof coffeeKeto coffee with C8 MCT nutrition facts

Product Name

Keto coffee with C8 MCT

Main Ingredient

Comprehensive oil powder (C8 medium chain triglycerides, butter, ghee, coconut oil), coffee powder, sodium caseinate, indigestible dextrin, gum arabic

Content Capacity

20g*7 packs/box

Edible Method

Brew 300cc cold/hot water per 20g, stir well and drink

Shelf Life

2 years

Expiry Date

As marked on the outer packaging



Storage Method

Store in a dry and cool place (25 °C), avoid high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight.


This product contains milk and its products, so it is not suitable for people with allergies

The caffeine content of this product is 130 mg; Taiwans Ministry of Health and Welfare recommends that adults consume no more than 300 mg of caffeine per day. Children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and those who are sensitive to caffeine are not suitable for drinking


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Keto coffee with C8 MCT trial sample pack

TWD $633


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