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True One About Us


Eatplus Co. Ltd established in Taiwan in 1994 . We created a global product brand called “True One” which focusing on premium wellness health food supplements.

Our mission is to develop competitive and quality products with high performance productions.

Continuously giving our professional services of distribution, retail brand extension program to our partners.

Fully committed to our partners market vision and always open to cooperation.


Firstly, Our low carb powder type products which is probiotics kombucha instant powder, the feature of this product is  the  highest percentage which is 60% fermented black tea kombucha base with fruit flavors and 4 billion CFU active probiotics in powder form. It drinks like soft soda drink but benefit as a healthy drink to improve your gut health and digestion for weight management and immunity boost. Currently 3 fruit flavors available, they are mixed berries, grapefruit, pineapple flavors  with our brands of sachet and backpacks.  One other probiotics powder is cranberry woman probiotics, this is the patented formula special designed  for woman  intimate care with 10 billion CFU probiotics which can improve  intimate care.


Another unique feature product is 10ml patent togo oil pack for convenient and fresh usage. The benefit of this type of oil pack is to keep the premium oil fresh and antioxidant to have people enjoy premium oil with a fresh and easy way in any time anywhere without any limitation.

10ml oil pack such as: MCT oil, pure C8 MCT oil, coconut oil, to have them add in coffee, tea, chocolate, milk shake and salad which is the best for keto and low carb dieters. For instant oil powder, we have Keto coffee with C8 MCT oil and keto matcha, chocolate total 3 flavors, by adding water, it can be easily dissolved and can be a meal replacement to reach the effects of weight management.


For health supplement capsule types of oil, we have sacha inchi oil vegan capsule with rich omega 3-6 which is benefit for heart and blood regulation balance.

Another one is Sea Buckthorn fruit oil vegan capsule rich in  Omega 7 which  benefit to digestion, skincare, heart health, and reduce inflammation.


For all of our exporting products are all under our global “True One” brand name and with consistent CI, Logo and Pack to express the trust value on the products for our global distributors and consumers.

We believe, people are looking for healthy, natural and convenient way to  enrich their health and life.  “True one ” is the brand only develop and deliver high quality and easily consume products that are guaranteed to satisfy our customers’ needs. 

Now we are open to global brand owners and import/export traders to be our global brand “true one” distributors or if you want to ODM your brand’s we can support you in a very low MoQ to produce your own brand.   Let’s work together and be our partners.
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