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Coconut MCT Oil Travel Pack (Per bag: 10ml*15 pcs)

TWD $585

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Coconut MCT Oil Travel Pack

(Per bag: 10ml*15 pcs)

1. Energizing Healthy Fats of MCTs C8+C10 from 100% coconut

2. Naturally Tasteless and odorless

3. Satiety, Mixes Instantly, Anti-oxidant patent pack

4. HACCP ,ISO ,IAF ,JAS ,USDA Certified clean

5. Keto & Low carb, Paleo Diet Friendly

MCT Oil medium chain triglycerides C8 + C10

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MCT Oil medium chain triglycerides C8 + C10

Product Name

MCT Oil medium chain triglycerides - easy to tear carry sachet

Main Ingredient

Caprylic Medium Chain Triglycerides

C6:0 Max. 1% C10:0 35-45%

C8:0 55-65% C12:0 <1%

Content Capacity

10ml x 15 sachets / bag

Edible Method

Suitable for ketogenic diet to supplement energy, make coffee and cold salad

Shelf Life

2 years

Expiry Date

As marked on the outer packaging


Sri Lanka

Storage Method

Store in a dry and cool place (25 °C), avoid high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight.

MCT oil has 2 functions for us:

1. Quickly absorbed and used, we will have a good sense of satiety in a short period of time and will not eat too much.

2. It is not easy to hoard in the body and cause a burden.

How to eat MCT oil?

MCT oil is colorless and odorless, and one of the characteristics of medium-chain fats is that its texture is relatively non-greasy, and it is more like water than ordinary vegetable oils. In addition to not recommending heating and cooking, MCT oil has a very wide range of consumption:

1. Add sugar-free black coffee and sugar-free tea to make bulletproof drinks

2. Add to hot soup and drink directly

3. Top with hot green vegetables, lettuce salad, and all kinds of dishes

4. Add it to the dipping sauce of dumplings and hot pot and eat it together

Coconut MCT Oil Travel Pack (Per bag: 10ml*15 pcs)

TWD $585



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