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Probiotics Kombucha Powder Travel Pack- Mixed Berries (Per bag: 6g*10 pcs)

TWD $438

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Probiotics Kombucha Powder Travel Pack- Mixed Berries (Per bag: 6g*10 pcs)

1. 2.4 billon probiotics per serving

2. Berry flavor, No added sugar

3. All in one instant pure kombucha mixed High fiber, Orangic Citric Acid, Erythritol, Sodium Bicarbonate

4. Low carb & Paleo Diet Friendly

5. Boosts Gut health, Helps constipation relief, Improves Metabolism, Promotes physical fitness

6. US FDA approval high quality

It tastes bubbly, ice-cold, sweet and sour kombucha, which is very suitable for a cup after a meal, refreshing and quenching thirst, healthy and unburdened. Compared with commercially available sugar-free sparkling water and sugary hand-shake drinks, kombucha is indeed better, more interesting, and healthier.

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Product Name

Probiotics Fermented Kombucha- Sweet Pineapple / Grapefruit / Mixed Berries Flavor

Main Ingredient

Kombucha powder, mixed berry juice powder, citric acid, erythritol, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), maltodextrin, beetroot powder, lactic acid bacteria spores

Content Capacity

6 grams X10 pack/bag

Edible Method

Brew each pack (6 grams) with 200ml of warm or cold water, stir evenly and drink, the intensity can be adjusted

Shelf Life

2 years

Expiry Date

As marked on the outer packaging



Storage Method

Store in a dry and cool place (25 °C), avoid high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight.


The product contains 18mg of caffeine per 6g serving

What is kombucha? (Click to see more)



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Probiotics Kombucha Powder Travel Pack- Mixed Berries (Per bag: 6g*10 pcs)

TWD $438



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